Festival of Glass: See-through splendids

The International Festival of Glass in Sofia, started in 2010, is the first of its kind event in the country, gathering artists from different countries, around the concept of using glass for their work. The main idea behind this rather unpopular initiative is to inspire and encourage the participants in it to set out to explore the boundaries that the glass as a material puts, on one hand,  and the ones that it breaks, on the other.

It’s all about glass

Within  few days, at the end of September, this intriguing, in terms of art form and medium, forum hosts various exhibitions, workshops, films and lectures by professionals in the field of glass. Participants in the festival have the opportunity to attend different demonstrations of numerous techniques for working with glass. Many of the artists who join the festival come from different areas of art, letting the event lure their creativity into working with the unknown, yet interesting material.

The  International Festival of Glass is open not only to Bulgarian authors who work with glass, but also to all other artist, who find this material interesting and suitable for their creative findings. As the organizers of the festival put it, this festival allows the glass to be acknowledged as a flexible and adaptive to different artistic concepts material. A material which provokes artists to search for different contemporary artistic solutions.

The main organizer of the festival is Arosita gallery. Curators of the festival are the CEO of UrbanGlass, New York (the largest center for art glass in the United States) – Dawn Bennett, and prof. Svilen Stefanov from the National Art Academy in Sofia.

Featured image by: Galya Yotova

Useful Infromation:

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