Salon of the Arts Sofia: An Enchanting Patchwork of Genres

The International Festival Salon of the Arts Sofia takes place every year in the National Palace of Culture. The event serves as a creative forum for different forms of arts, such as music, theatre, cinema, dance etc. The program contains more than 70 performances with the participation of Bulgarian and foreign artists.

Traditionally it is divided into a number of themed sections, such as children’s festival, exhibitions, jazz, classics, movie screenings, theater and dance performances, Bulgarian folklore and other. For its almost two decades history the Salon of the Arts Sofia has established its reputation as a an international festival with a very wide range of repertoire.

Every year it comprises of a variety of competitions, academies, creative studios and other festival forms of art, presenting local and foreign cultures. Founded back in 1996, for years Salon of the Arts Sofia has welcomed world famous troupes, performers and some of the most famous ensembles and orchestras.

Over the years the Salon has been part of the tour calendars of Vienna State Opera, Lord Of The Dance”, Theatre “Grenoble”, “Apocalyptica”,  Shakespeare company – Bremen, Istanbul Philharmonic.

The exhibition section of the festival is also a key element of the event, since in every edition there are many different Bulgarian and foreign artists presented.

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