Bulgarian festivals

Every year numerous Bulgarian festivals attract visitors from all over the world in the country. Considering the rich cultural, ethnographic and historical heritage of Bulgaria, there are hundreds of rites, rituals and celebrations across the country that are all worth experiencing.

Undoubtedly, Bulgarian festivals are the perfect model of event tourism. They give you the chance to easily interweave culture, history and entertainment in only one vacation and be part of any festival Bulgaria has to offer. Some of the most enchanting Bulgarian folklore festivals are usually connected with specific holidays or held together with music folklore contests. Most often they are also dedicated to particular traditions and crafts. In the unique atmosphere of such events you will find yourself surrounded by an almost magic mixture of captivating colours, beautiful music and fascinating dances. During traditional folklore conventions one could feel like riding a time machine and getting back to the past where intriguing traditions and rites become alive.

Contemporary culture also finds its place in various Bulgarian festivals of arts, dance, music, films, photography etc. Annual events are not confined within the frame of Bulgarian culture, thougg. The events also draw visitors, performers and artists from different parts of the world thus turning the country into a great venue for many international talents.

Throughout the years different musical genres have become main themes of ear-catching events, taking place each year on the territory of main Bulgarian cities. Some of the most intriguing music festivals in Europe take place on Bulgarian stages. Classical, Jazz, Rock, Metal and other musicians of world fame participate in these International fests, organized in the country. Within different periods of time during the whole year outstanding Bulgarian performers together with popular foreign musicians bring excitement and variety to contemporary Bulgarian concert life.

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