Fortissimo Fest Classical Music Festival

The most inspiring Classical Music Festival in Bulgaria

The story of the marvelous classical music festival Fortissimo Fest is very closely related to the interests, dreams and  activities of its founder – the conductor M.Eshkenazy. The aim of the festival is to popularize classical music among a growing number of people along with making classical music concerts easily accessible to the general public.

Mr. Maxim Eshkenazy – The music director of Fortissmo Fest

After graduating from the National Music School “Lubomir Pipkov” in Bulgaria and the Pancho Vladigerov National Academy of Music, Maxim Eshkenazy left for the USA. There, at the University of Southern California, he completed his double master’s degrees in conducting and violin performance. Maxim’s talent, effort and undying enthusiasm lead him to become the  assistant conductor of Pacific Symphony and the music director of Pacific Symphony Youth Orchestra. Read more about Mr. Eshkenazy in the interview with him in our Interviews section here.

Over time, Eshkenazy’s love and affection to Bulgaria and to the county’s rich musical heritage found their utterance in a classical music festival concept. Fortissimo Fest was founded in 2010, and each year its program becomes more and diverse, with the number of cities in which it is held growing bigger. This magnificent event is loaded with great enthusiasm and love that sound in every concert performance during the fest.

On the wings of the classical music festival and other passions

Maxim on the wings of the classical music festival

The repertoire of Fortissimo Fest always interweaves classical music with folklore rhythms and songs. This is not surprising, as once, the talented music director of the festival, admitted that whenever he hears the Bulgarian folklore song Tudoro, tears start dropping from his eyes. You can hear this unique song and feel by yourself the goosebumps:

Filip Kutev a’capella choir:

Apart from the the world-famous Philip Kutev National Folklore Ensemble, also Nelly Andreeva – the soloist of the ensemble, the Bulgarian composer Georgi Andreev, and the ten-year old boy  Peter, playing bagpipe, participate in the concerts.

The exciting Bulgarian folklore and the contemporary rhythms from Bulgaria are well combined with various classical music pieces, jazz plays and film music – one of the many passions of Mr. Eshkenazy.

Star Wars, J. Williams, Maxim Eshkenazy – Conductor

Every year this classical music festival excites, inspires and invigorates thousands of spectators. It also promotes classical music, sharing its magic to the general public, thus making a dream of its founder come true.

Fortissimo Fest in Plovdiv

From 2012 on, the open-air stages where the fest is held are four – in Varna, Burgas, Plovidv and Sofia. The organizers of the project continue to add more and more places and events to it gradually Fortissimo fest  a real moveable feast.

So, if you happen to be in Bulgaria between August and September, try not to miss the thrill of this fest! The entrance to the open-air concerts is free.

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