Creativity Street in Ruse

If one day, in a  beautiful Sunday morning,  you happen to wake up in the town, referred to as the “Little Vienna”, we suggest that you go straight to the Creativity Street in Ruse and enjoy a musical, dance or painting performance by a young artist from the town. If you are in the town with your kids, then going there is a must.
Creativity Street in Ruse is an initiative of Ruse Art Center RG21 and National School of Arts “Prof. Veselin Stoyanov”. It began in March,  2011, and with its various concerts and events, the space has become a favorite spot for everyone in Ruse who wants to join the live performances of young artists.

This is the place where children can explore closely various musical instruments, touch them and hear how they sound. Here, every week, young talents also participate in public performances and delight the audience with concerts, dances and painting.

At Creativity Street Ruse often sound piano, flute, guitar, violin and other instruments. It hosts concerts with pop and jazz singing, folklore music, dance and ballet performances.  Young participants not only entertain the audience, but also use the space in order to enhance their performance before major competitions in which they take part. The piano is provided by the School of Arts in Ruse, and the kids know that they can always come to play, even if there is no scheduled event.

Creativity Street Performance

What attracts to this unique, fully-committed to young talents event, is the opportunity to attend more than 30 concerts within an interesting community engagement art project, every Sunday morning throughout the year (you can find the performance dates on the schedule below).

More about the space curated by Ruse Art Center RG21

Art Center RG21 is a project with a five-years old history. It belongs to RG21 Creative team and started in 2008. Since then this interesting Art Space attracts more and more visitors with diverse interests.

Form 2011 on, the space is located at Mega Mall Ruse, and serves both as a gallery and a venue, where you can meet artists, painters and enjoy their works. Visitors can also attend different exhibitions, organized by the Art centre. One of the most successful public event of the Art Centre is the organizing of Creativity Street in Ruse.

The space is open for young artists all day long. Many of the young artists use this opportunity, as they want to learn to perform in real time, among people walking around them and listening to them. Creativity street makes for probably one of the few Malls where you can listen to live music and even enjoy classical music performances.

Useful information:

Creativity Street performances schedule for 2012
Every October Saturday, 11 a.m.
Every November Saturday (excl. Nov. 3), 11 a.m.
December 1, 8, 15, 2012, 11 a.m.

The venue is located in Mega Mall Ruse, 3 Nezavisimost Str., fl. 2, 7000 Ruse, Bulgaria