On October 1st, the International Day of Music, Sofia Live Club will host the first concert of the the unique jazz music project HEMUS COLLECTIVE, where Theodosii Spasov gathers with musicians from Macedonia Serbia and Greece to perform music pieces, written especially for the project.

“If you are true to music, it can take you everywhere” (Th. Spassov)

And so it did. Theodossi Spassov’s unique music perception and distinctive style took him to various parts of the world and earned him thousands of admirers. For more than 25 years, the famous artist fascinates European, Asian, Australian, American and many other audiences with his magic and soul-deep kaval performances.

He is one of those fully devoted musicians who successfully combine traditional folklore music with jazz music, also adding elements from other music styles. And all of this, performed with one of the Europe’s oldest Instruments – the kaval (a sheperd’s flute).

Theodosii Spassov is a Grammy award winner for his performance with Sofia Women Radio of “Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares”. His other awards are uncountable and for fact lovers some of them are available at the musician’s webpage, however no words or prizes can even barely reach the essence Theodossi Spassov creative and performance powers.

We got music, we got Balkan rhythms…

It is the blending of traditional folk music with elements of jazz and classical music that takes Theodosii to the current project HEMUS COLLECTIVE, where world-class musicians, whose roots belong to the Balkans, gather:

•    Theodosii Spassov, Bulgaria (kaval, vocal)
•    Bojan Z, Serbia (piano)
•    Martin Gjakonovski, Macedonia (piano)
•    Kostas Anastasiadis, Greece (drums)

The pianist Bojan Zulfikarpašić, more popular with the artistic name Bojan Z, was pronounced  ” Europe’s Best Jazz Musician” in 2005 and in 2012 he became “Best Jazz Musician of France”.

The musical biography of the bassist Martin Gjakonovski includes participations in more than 80 albums and performanes with some of the biggest names in contemporary music.

The drummer from Greece Kostas Anastasiadis is very well known with his revolutionary way if of playing the drums,which was the reason for the Musicians Institute of Hollywood, California, to establish a special music prize in his name.

The main idea behind the creation of  HEMUS COLLECTIVE is to bring together musicians of Balkan origins (“Hemus” is the ancient name of Stara Planina – the Balkan mountains). HEMUS COLLECTIVE repertoire includes original compositions written by the band members for this project exclusively.

On October 1st, in Sofia Live Club, this unique jazz music project will be presented on Bulgarian stage for the first time.

Indeed, who could ask for anything more … ?