Sofia Dance Week

For five successive years, Sofia Dance Week enthrals, moves and intrigues through multiple contemporary dance visions and concepts, showcased during the 7 days of the event.

At the end of each September, about a dozen of dance events and other fun and exciting activities like workshops, free movie screenings, dance classes etc. engage Sofia visitors and citizens in one-of-a-kind practices and lure them into the pleasantly unknown and curious world of innovative and experimental works.

The event includes a mixed program of performances by innovative choreographers from all over the world, bringing to  Bulgraria intriguing dance concepts from different continents.

Sofia Dance Week is usually starts after 20th September on (the dates for 2012 are September 29 – October 6) and always offers leading-edge dance shows. The performances showcased continuously broaden cultural concepts and enrich perception experiences.  See some of the highlights from this International Dance festival here:

Vertial Dance on the facade of the National Palace of Culture.


For the week during the event Sofia plays host to both emerging artists and established professionals, featuring avant-garde shows and getting beyond conventional perceptions of this particular body language art form.

Established in 2008, Sofia Dance Week aims not only to invigorate the local scene with inspiring dance visions but also to bring in Bulgaria some of the most famous  names from the world of contemporary dance.  The unique dance shows presented explore hundreds of interactions between the human body and the environments with which it constantly interacts. Dancing is not the only media though, it is always accompanied by other various types of expressions, for example – visual effects, nonstandard sets, unusual music choices etc.


The 6th jubilee edition of SOFIA DANCE WEEK will take place from October 5 to October 19. Dance show will be held at various venues. Find the program of Sofia Dance Week 2013, listed in our Calendar.


Ticket prices vary by packages: you can save up to 30 % through advance purchase of for example ““Hall 1 Pass””, which costs 50 leva and is good for 3 concerts. There is also a full pass, at the price of 80 leva, good for the all the performances during Sofia Dance week. Single tickets vary from 8 to 40 leva. Find more information here.

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