Night of Museums and Galleries Plovdiv

The story of Plovdiv Night of Museum and Galleries is exactly 8 years old. From 2005 on,  the beautiful city of Plovdiv sates the thirst for cultural activities of thousands of visitors.

The Night of Museums and Galleries Plovdiv is one of the most exciting and rich in art forms events in Bulgaria. For almost a decade it interweaves in the best possible way the magnificent cultural heritage of the city with the modern perspective of contemporary artists.

In the very beginning the venues taking part in the event were not more than 20, however, until 2012, their number grew up to 57. Fashion shows, paintings  exhibitions, photographic exhibitions  are just a tiny part of the  of the attractive program of the night. Each year the core of museums and galleries draws more and more other fields of art to the event.

All the exhibitions, concerts, performances, installations etc. are divided into four main categories, namely: Museums & galleries, Events for children, Culture and Club, City and Public Spaces.

Photos from the different editions of the event (click the thumbnails for larger images)

Special thanks to Open Arts Foundation for the photos

Adding even more excitement to the event, organizers also hold a contest for the best photo made during the night – everyone is invited to participate with their pictures and own vision of this extraordinary night.

During the Night of Museums and Galleries Plovdiv there is no particular route that you should follow. Everybody chooses their own places of interests and enjoys them from 7 p.m. until 1 a.m. The admission for all the events is free.

Within easy reach of the centre of the city (click here for the location) is located an info point where one can get a small booklet with the all the events listed, together with a concise map of Plovdiv and the venues, participating in the event. The details about the events and the places are available in English and Bulgarian. In this kiosk you can also buy fancy souvenirs with the logo of the 8th edition of Night of Museum and Galleries Plovdiv.

Having a map of the event handy is nice, but it’s even better to leave yourself to the magic of these events and keep in mind that wherever you head to you will end up at an intriguing venue.

With or without a map, you can rest assured that something exciting lies in store for you during the Night of Museums and Galleries Plovdiv!

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