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Looking for a new imperial residence, Constantine the Great considered Serdica, today’s city of Sofia, as one of the possibilities for the transfer. The Roman Emperor, ruled from 306 to 337, was reported to have said: Serdica is my Rome”.

In October, 2012, New Bulgarian University Museum, borrows these famous words, to name an exhibition after them. In the project Serdica is my Rome a variety of artifacts from the cultural heritage of Serdica from the IV-VI centuries has been brought together. Expertised enough to curate such a precious collection, the Museum of NBU actually hosts an exhibition which will be further moved to the future Sofia History Museum.

The exhibition will be available at NBU Museum from October, 2012 until February, 2013.

Visitors will have the chance to take a glimpse of  intriguing remnants of the past, revealing more about life back in the period between 4th and 6th centuries. The collection features diverse in terms of features and function objects. They  have entered the collection of Sofia History Museum after half a century archaeological researches on the territory of Sofia.

These interesting remnants, comprising various parts of everyday life in Serdica, will take you back to the period of late antiquity and show you around, touching several different topics, including construction, everyday life, religion and worship.

New Bulgarian University Museum

The lovely thing about this museum is that it is curated mainly by students and serves also as an educational platform for the alumni of NBU. However it goes way beyond a just scientific, study-related project.

Opened in 2010, just a few years later, the educational museum develops into a fully functional cultural institution, where everyone can see many interesting exhibits. According to the schedule of the museum, each term, its hall opens a new temporary exhibition, collected and curated by the students themselves.

There are very interesting projects, listed in various catalougues (currently available only in Bulgarian). You can find the full collection of pictures and information here.

Featured image: Stone relief – Announcing circus games in Serdica, 3-4 c.
(image courtesy of New Bulgarian University Museum)

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