Sofia Art Gallery: Zlatyu Boyadziev, David Peretz and Vasil Barakov

Zlatyu Boyadziev and Baratsite

From June 13, 2013 to September 1, 2013 Sofia Art Gallery will host an exhibition, dedicated to 110th anniversary of the birth of the great Bulgarian painter Zlatyu Boyadziev (1903 – 1976). For the exhibition was issued a bilingual (Bulgarian and English) catalogue with 114 reproductions, a comprehensive biography of Zlatyu Boyadziev and complete bibliography for the three artists.

The exhibition is called “Zlatyu Boyadziev and Baratsite” and consists of two parts. The first one includes emblematic works of Zlatyu Boyadziev from different periods, and the second one is devoted to Bojadziev’s friendship with Vasil Barakov and David Peretz. The three painters were also known as Baratsite.

Vasil Barakov, David Peretz and Zlatyu Boyadziev

The so called Baratsite are three artists: Vasil Barakov, David Peretz and
Zlatyu Boyadziev.

In the decades the three painters slowly transcend from Rhodope landscapes, through still lifes, to figure compositions and portraits. The landscape in the works of Boyadzhiev, Barakov and Peretz is not just a beautiful view, but rather a creative attitude and mindset.

David Peretz creates amazing landscapes and still life, turning them into high art. Vasil Barakov works in the field of still lifes and portraits, but prefers the landscape genre. He was one of the first Bulgarian artists to create the so called industrial landscape.

Zlatyu Boyadziev on his creative path

During his artistic career the painter from the Plovdiv village Brezovo, creates hundreds of compositions, portraits and landscapes. His art works are divided into two periods, the watershed bеtween them being the paralysis of the artist in 1951 when he loses his ability to paint with his right arm.

Zlatyu Boyadziev

Zlatyu Boyadziev Georgiev was born on 22 October 1903 in Brezovo and died on February 2, 1976 in Plovdiv.
Most of his paintings can be found in in the Old Town of Plovdiv.

The first period (before 1951) is characterized by a classic manner of composing and Impressionists and other influences. Every Boyadziev’s work though is bound by Bulgarian nature, the life in small towns and villages.

The second period of the creative path of Zlatyu Boyadziev is closely related to his inabuility to paint with his right hand. The works after 1951 are painted with his left hand and include numerous figures and expressive brushstrokes.

Zlatyu Boyadziev Baratsite

Zlatyu Boyadziev
Baratsite, 1964
Oil on canvas, 196 x 136 cm

Vasil Barakov, Melnik (1982)

Vasil Barakov
Melnik, 1982
oil on canvas, 85 x 104 cm
Art Gallery “Iliya Bezhkov” – Pleven

After the exhibition in Sofia Art Gallery ends, it will be shown at the Art Gallery of Plovdiv and Stara Zagora.

Information and images courtesy: Petar Dimov, Sofia Art Gallery