International Plovdiv Fair

International Plovdiv Fair is one of the biggest and most important business events in Bulgaria. Every year the number of companies presenting their products and services at this International forum is rising and the impact of the fair is expanding.

Plovdiv Fair is an annual event, held in the end of September (please refer to the calendar for the exact dates). It includes more than 15 different trade shows and exhibitions and takes place at the International Convention Centre. Every year the fair holds such important events, like the International Technical Fair, exhibitions of particular economic branches, like ELTECH (Electronics and Electrical Engineering) and STROYTECH (Building Materials, Machines and Technologies) etc. Many of the events in the Fair have met the UFI criteria and are approved by the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry.

Being a successor of the first First Bulgarian Agricultural and Industrial Exposition held on the Balkans, the 120-years-old Plovdiv Fair continues to provide platform for successful international business contacts. The International Plovdiv Fair is also a well-known leader on the Balkans and a member of the organizations like UFI, CEFA, CCA and EASE.

The high quality exhibition areas, where Plovdiv Fair is held, are located on a total territory of 352 000 square meters. Annually this fair draws more than 40 000 visitors and participant from various countries all over the world.

This business event is probably the most influential business forum in the country, where Bulgarian and foreign companies present their products, innovations and services.

The fair welcomes its visitors from Monday to Friday: 09:00 – 18:00 hrs , where separate  tickets are sold at the price of BGN 6.00, or entire fair admission cards for the price of BGN 18.00.

More information about the event and a concise catalogue of the participants can be found at the official site of the International Fair Plovdiv