Banitsa Feast: Just Surrender

Honestly speaking, banitsa (traditional Bulgarian pastry) is probably the most secure and pleasant way to raisе your spirits and, yes, we agree, your cholesterol too. But, let’s face it, rules that ban pastry eating are not a thing to stick to when visting another country, and especially if you have decided to take a tasty trip across Bulgaria. At the end of the day, you are seriously exploring the cultural diversity of the region…in a culinary sense.

You should also bear in mind that Banitsa is a festive meal in its essence, despite the fact that nowadays in Bulgaria it has turned into a fast solution for breakfast or lunch on the go. Traditionally, Bulgarians ate banitsa only on special occassions, e.g. on Christmas. Yet, you don’t have to wait for a special holiday to try it.

Banitsa Feast

Banitsa Feast

Image: Vratza Municipality

There is definitely no better way to taste Banitsa, than head for the village of Banitza and take part in the annual event there, called Banitza Feast. Every other June, the small village near Vratza, organizes a special celebration, where more than 70 kinds of mouthwatering pastry are being showcased.

This tradition started back in 2000, and since then more and more activities are held together with the Banitza Feast itself. Delicious pieces of home-made culinary art, are not only being tasted, but also judged by a jury.

Sweet and Savoury Treats

The most spread banitsa recipe contains eggs, cheese, yogurt and filo dough. However, in Banitza, especially for the feast, participants come up with many other unusual banitsa recipes and present varieties of choices. Throughout the years there have been pastry dishes with chocolate, pumpkin, leeks, apples, cabbage, spinach etc.

To sum up, if you are in Bulgaria in June and looking for an authentic banitsa experience, we strongly advise you to just visit the village of Banitsa and indulge in several (all right, innumerable) bites of delectable Bulgarian pastry.

Featured photo: ©Vasya Ivanova