Enter the world of Bulgarian wine with style: DiVino.Taste

When it comes to Bulgarian wine, if you really don’t want to get lost into the plethora of wineries, vintages and varieties, or forever remain imprisoned in the chocolate-box idea of Bulgarian wines from the 80’s, you need a structure. And thanks Dionysus, some of the most prominent wine experts in Bulgaria have something special for you, called DiVino.Taste.

DiVino.Taste is a Bulgarian wine forum which has all the resources to provide both connoisseurs and novices with not only concise, but also stylish, showcase of Bulgarian wineries and Bulgarian wine as a whole.

This forum is an annual event, held each November,  initiated by a group of Bulgarian wine experts and specialists in the field of wine and gourmet, among which Emil Kolarov and Julia Kostadinova. These are also the people behind the site  divino.bg (available in Bulgarian only), where one can find enormous collection of facts, figures, stories, reviews and other interesting articles, related to the world of wine.

© DiVino, Bulgarian Wineries at Bulgarian Wine Forum Divino.Taste

During the exhibition, Bulgarian wineries present the best of their products, introducing the visitors to the contemporary character of Bulgarian wine. This is the place where everyone can get closer to the concept and philosophy of any particular winemaker. Every year the forum invites (having selected them in advance) more than 30 Bulgarian wineries.

Apart from the rich variety of wine producers, presenting their products in the beautiful hall of the Military Club in Sofia, the forum also includes includes a number of other events. The  program is more than enticing. It comprises lectures and master classes, where leading wine experts share their knowledge and experience.

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Of course, it also offers a series of tastings. During the forum visitors are welcome to taste more than 200 wines and get to know to their story and learn more about the production process.

Carefully selecting the Bulgarian wineries eligible to participate in the event and showcase their products, Divino.Taste reaches far beyond the conventional grasp of Bulgarian wine, offering a classy perspective of Bulgarian wine business.

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Additional Information:

Find the dates of the current DiVino.Taste edition in our Calendar.

Ticket Prices:
The prices vary, depending on the event, you choose to participate in, e.g. the price of an exhibition only ticket is 12 leva, and the price for a lecture is between 75 and 125 leva. Early booking prices apply (saving up to 20 %). Find more here.

Official website: www.taste.divino.bg

Venue of the event: Military Club, Sofia