Premier Food Festival: International & Bulgarian Cuisine Chef-d’oeuvres

Bulgarian cuisine has captivated not one or two palates and undoubtedly remains one of the most significant “sights” of the country. Traditional Bulgarian dishes continue astonish and intrigue foodies from all over the world with rich flavours and delightful combinations of tastes.

Like every other thing Bulgarian cuisine also has its more elaborate version, which can be very well explored in culinary event,called Premier Food Festival. This is where Bulgarian traditions meet the culinary skills and the highest level of expertise of famous Bulgarian chefs.


Bansko is the place where in the beginning of November leading Bulgarian chefs gather to create and innovate together. The festival is not all about food, it also has beer, whiskey, food pairing, wine tasting and other activities interwoven in it.

No doubt, Kapama (traditional dish with pork, chicken, veal, rabbit meat, stuffed cabbage leaves, sausage, rice) and is a must-try in place like Bansko, however, the festival will definitely take you a bite further and walk you through a bunch of experiences.

A Bite Further

While expanding your culinary vocabulary, you will explore how to pair foods from different regions, how to combine rakia (strong brandy) with your dish, cook, using molecular technologies etc. Throughout the event, participants will have the opportunity to try a broad range of unique recipes from both international and Bulgarian cuisine.

Participants in the events will also be able to soak up talent from more than 10 of the most famous master chefs in Bulgaria, member of EURO TORQUES BULGARIA.

Everyday the festival offers live cooking classes and intriguing dinners, prepared by the professionals, participating in this culinary event. The organizers have also provided children animation, including  cooking & baking activities for each day of the festival.

In 2012, Premier Food Festival will be held from November 1 until November 11.

Highlights from the 2012 program:

Molecular gastronomy November 1, 2012
November 2, 2012 Wine degustation and food pairing – Bulgaria
Wine tasting and food pairing – Old World, Ice cream making November 3, 2012
Wine tasting and food pairing – New World November 4, 2012
Wine tasting and food pairing – Rakia & Grappa, Brandy, Cognac and calvados tasting November 5, 2012
Wine tasting and food pairing – White wines & Deserts, The secrets of BBQ November 6, 2012
Wine tasting and food pairing, Omelette making competition, Bartending competition cocktail making November 9, 2012

Useful Information:

Participants can either purchase a full package for the event, or take part in separate events, paying for each of them. Prices vary, depending on the included number of activities. For example, accommodation plus access to all Festival activities costs EUR 80/120.  The price for Degustation gourmet dinner (incl. wine) is EUR 50/80.

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Official Website of Food Premiere Festival

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Map of the town in English
How to get there (Timetable of the buses from different Bulgarian towns to Bansko)