An insight into Horizon festival in Bansko

A week before the launch of Horizon Festival, the electronic music fest that will take place in Bansko this year for the first time, we searched for some more insight into this new and exciting-to-be event in Bulgaria. Teodora Petkova managed to have some questions answered via email, directly by the organizers, before they’d become really hard to find, especially considering the newly announced perks of the fest, that is – Midnight Forest Raves.

Tell us more about your company and the things you do?

Horizon is the latest project of Jack Robinson who has previously curated some of the best Bass nights in the UK, as well as being an integral part of the team that co-founded and continues to run Outlook & Dimensions Festivals.  Other members of the production team have also been behind some of the most successful nights in the UK underground scene.

How did the idea for Horizon festival come up?

We wanted to offer a better value and more exciting alternative to other snow festivals out there.

Why did you choose Bansko among all the other ski resorts in Bulgaria?

Bansko is slowly establishing itself as one of the major resorts on the World ski circuit and was well suited to the plans we had. The abundance of hotels and the great nightlife were a big attraction too.

What were the challenges you faced when planning and organizing the event in Bulgaria?

A new location is always a challenge as unexpected issue pop up. We did find it hard with most of our team being based so far away but our team on the ground in Bansko have been doing a great job

The festival Facebook page already has more than 5 thousand fans, what do you think is the most attractive about Horizon Festival, apart from satisfying, as you put it, “the most dedicated powder enthusiasts”?

Horizon is an exciting playground for fans of electronic music and the combination of skiing and partying is exhilirating.
We are providing a good value for money festival experience that people can come back to year after year and these kinds of price differences have made Bulgaria hugely popular with a younger crowd.

Horizon demonstrates the breadth of creativity and talent in the electronic music scene and people are really excited by our line up –  We have over 30 different promoters hosting 46 parties over the course of the week so there is a huge amount of music to be heard.

How many visitors do you expect to attend Horizon festival and is it going to turn into an annually held event?

We are looking to host around 600 this year, making it a really special and intimate event. Yes, we will make this an annual event and will increase the capacity each year.

Winter sports plus electronic music seems to be a great formula, how about Bulgarian Seaside and electronic beats, have you considered organizing a summer event in Bulgaria?

We do a lot of summer events throughout Europe so, who knows, Bulgaria might be next! There’s certainly a great scene out here and you have better summer weather than us that’s for sure.

And finally, if you were to invite people to this festival in Bulgaria using one word only, what would that be ?

An interview by: Teodora Petkova

Horizon festival 2013 officially opens on Saturday 23rd March with warm up events and the parties continue right through the week, day and night, until the festival closing party on Friday 27th March.

Find out full detail of all of our artists and stages on the website of the event.