Brazzobrazzie Fest: Brass That Funky Music

Brazzobrazzie is a bright and cheery festival dedicated to brass music. The newly born, yet very popular event in Sofia, is the first of such kind and gathers musicians and artists from a range of genres, such as funk, rhythm and blues, jazz, reggae, ska and latin.

The festival, first launched in 2012, is organized by the Brazz Association. The latter was created in 2008 by the trumpeter Mihail Yossifov and the trombonist Velislav Stoyanov – two of the best jazz musicians in Bulgaria. The project consists of various musicians united by their love of brass music.

Dictionary entries

Not only Brazz Association have created a wonderful brass corner, but also they have coined a word for it. So, if a brass band is a “group of musicians in which most of the musical instruments are made of brass, then the dictionary entry for “Brazzobrazzie” would be: a festival in which most of the musicians play instruments that are made of brass.

Brazzobrazzie Fest

Although the instruments in charge during Brazzobrazie fest are mainly from the brass family, the stage of the festival not only hosts trumpet, saxophone, trombone etc, but also a cornucopia of other instruments.

Part of the festival were bands like Mihail Yosifov Sextet (featured image above), Sentimental Swingers, as well as the artists Ben Cross, Martin Yordanov, Vasil Spasov and many other talented musicians.

The 2013 edition of Brazzobrazzie also welcomes two great foreign bands – Riot Jazz Brass Band from Great Britain and the legendary Serbian gypsy band Boban & Marko Markovic Orchestra.

Guiding its fans through through timeless jazz sounds, swing and funk, Brazzobrazzie is has turned into a must hear and experience festival for vivid music fans.

Find the full program of Brazzobrazzie festival in our Events Calendar here.

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