Jazz Plus Festival: Add good vibes to your equation

Featuring top-notch jazz musicians, Jazz Plus Festival (Джаzz +) is an eagerly anticipated annual festival, held in Sofia. Throughout its 8 years of existence it has been offering its fans an exquisite selection of performances by international jazz musicians.

Yavor Ganchev, the program director of Jazz Plus Festival, describes what this event aims at, shortly but clearly enough. The festival, he says, aspires to bring to Bulgaria performers whose music is topical and of particular interest at the present time.

Held as a series of concerts, Jazz Plus Festival manages to gather talents from all over the world to perform on Bulgarian stage. Meeting the audience with an exciting mixture of different genres, musicians usually also present their new projects and compositions on stage.

The first edition of the festival took place back in 2005, when within several concerts performed Pari Combo, Zuko, Stanley Clarke Band, Tord Gustavsen Trio and Antoni Donchev (currently the conductor of BNR Orchestra).

Stanley Clarke Band Live at the Jazz Plus Festival (2005)

Throughout the years the number of concerts grew, together with the festival days. The dates of the Jazz Plus Festival are not firmly set and change each year. In the period between 2005 – 2011 – Jazz Plus Festival takes place at the National Palace of Culture (NDK) and Bulgaria Hall. The 2012 edition welcomes performers at a famous jazz venue – Sofia Live Club.

Some of the highlights in Jazz Plus festival editions were musicians like Susana Baca, Antonio Forcione, Roberto Fonseca, Tomatito and bands such as Yamoto, Hidden Orchestra, Zuco 103, Mike Stern Band.

On the website of the festival, there is a concise archive of every participant from each season of Jazz Plus Festival.

Inspired by his stay in Sofia in 2008, Roberto Fonseka wrote a song with Bulgarian rythms.

More information:

Tickets for Jazz Plus Festival can be purchased online from TicketPlus.bg, or in different stores in Sofia. Find more information here. One can save up to 30 % of the price of the tickets by purchasing one ticket, valid for 5 concerts, which costs 100 leva. Each concert ticket, sold separately is at the price of 35 leva.

Find the current dates (8th Jazz Plus Festival, 2012) of the event in our Calendar

Website of the venue: Sofia Live Club

Jazz Plus Festival Official Webpage