Apply for EFFE and get your festival a place in the EFFE Festival Guide

The deadline for applying for the EFFE program is approaching, so we have created a really short yet concise guide about what you need to know about the program and why you should not miss the opportunity to apply. The application process consists of only three steps.

What is EFFE?

Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe is a project that will serve as gateway into Europe’s festivals specialised in everything cultural. It will provide festivals all over Europe with increased visibility, new networking opportunities, and recognition for their outstanding values.

If you want to know more, there’s a lot of information on the website

What is the EFFE Festival Guide?

EFFE Festival Guide is a multi-media guidebook featuring label recipients and award winners. It contains articles and essential programming details. With an interactive online version as well as a book, festivals can use this tool to promote their work.

What is the benefit of being presented in EFFE’s guide?

Being included in the EFFE Festival Guide means festivals’ information is easily accessible to festival audiences, artists, artistic organisations, ensembles, orchestras, theatre and dance companies, public authorities at all levels, sponsors and private companies, and the media. The selection process is set up to make sure that the selection of festivals is broad and represents Europe’s diversity.

How can you apply for being included in EFFE’s guide?

You need to create a user profile, sign up, and choose a password.

Festivals are then asked simple questions to explain how they meet the mission and criteria of the programme.

The closing deadline for applications is 15 November 2014, so be sure to apply before then!

The application deadline is 15 November 2014 at