Maestro Milcho Leviev to open Plovdiv Jazz Nights 2014

On October 9 2014 the 10th jubilee edition of the festival “Plovdiv Jazz Nights” will be opened with a concert of the  legendary jazz man Milcho Leviev.

The opening event starts at 7 p.m. at the House of Culture “Boris Hristov” (15 “Gladston” Str. , Plovdiv)Tickets (the price varies between BGN 10 and BGN 20) will be available at the stall in front of the building of Plovdiv Municipality (at the central square  of the city), online via and also sold at the door before the concert.

Song of the Clown

For the first time in Plovdiv Maestro Leviev will present his album “Song of the Clown”, released back 2010.

The compositions in the album are a sui generis  jazz conversation with the theatre jazz music of the early Pancho Vladigerov and more specifically with Vladigerov’s works from the 20s of last century, composed for Max Reinhardt’s plays  in Berlin and Vienna.

The audience will also have the opportunity to enjoy the performance of other prominent jazz artists, namely Alexander and Konstantin Vladigerovi – grandchildren of Pancho Vladigerov,  Vicky Almazidu and Peter Salchev, Itsko Finzi, Valeri Kostov, Vesselin Vesselinov – Eco and Stoyan Yankulov.

A creative synthesis for Pancho Vladiverov’s music

 “There’s not a single day when I don’t mention or think of Pancho Vladigerov! – says Milcho Leviev, who was a student of the great composer.

His theatre music reveals a rich and unexplored world that sounds modern and like jazz, it’s surprising and provocative. And considering the fact that this music was written a century ago, we get an idea of the ​​genius vigor with which Pancho worked. ”

The album “Song of the Clown” is a creative synthesis of jazz, symphonic music, poetry and theater.

 Only musicians like Milcho Leviev can  recreate and further develop the ideas of Vladigerov’s theater music, by looking at them from the prism of the philosophy of jazz.

With his characteristic virtuosity in handling the whole arsenal of timbres and nuances of sound, Maestro Leviev unleashes his creative imagination to achieve delicate moods, images and atmosphere reminiscent of the most cherished moments of lyrical music Impressionists.

The concert is realized by the “Chamber Scene Plovdiv” and Plovdiv Municipality.

 Information courtesy of Gergana Semerdzhieva

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