Ognyan Videv and Milcho Leviev at the Roman Stadium in Plovdiv

On September 24, 2013, as part of the presentation of the documentary movie “Rainy day”, directed by Andrey Chertov, Ognyan Videv and Milcho Leviev gathered to play at the Roman Stadium in Plovdiv. The concert marked the beginning of the traditional Days of Old Town Plovdiv.

The venue was crowded and many had the chance to enjoy the inspiring and captivating performance of the two musicians. As Milcho Leviev put it, in a short interview for the Bulgarian TV BNT2:

“We just sit, he plays something, we, so to say, feel each other because we are Filibe fellows [Filibe is the shortened old name of Plovdiv, Ed.], because he [Ognyan Videv, Ed.] is a wonderful musician, and I am, they say, not that bad, so when we gather, things just work out well.”

In turn, Ognyan Videv shared:

“We do something authentic, because when we play together, it’s always another thing, he [Milcho Leviev, Ed.] is a high class musician. We never know what we are going to play, it’s a spur of the moment.”

Ognyan Videv, who lives and still works in the Tepe town [another name of Plovdiv, tepe meaning hill], is among the most notable musicians, belonging to the artistic bohemian circle in Plovdiv. Together with other famous cultural figures, such as Atanas Krustev (a.k.a. Nacho Kulturata), Georgi Bozhilov – Slona, Katya Paskaleva , Dimitar Kirov, Yoan Leviev and many others, he is part of the stories, told in “Rainy day”.

“Rainy Day” is about jazz, about “freedom and love”, with the words of Milcho Leviev. Another two talented Bulgarian artist – Ibryama and Maya Novoselska, are also starring in the movie. Apart from the art atmosphere in Plovdiv and its bohemian essence, the film also reveals unique and little known parts of Plovdiv.

One Filibe story“, refers to the movie its director Andrey Chertov.

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