Varna Opera Theatre September 2012

Varna Opera Theatre will open its 66th season 2012 in September with several beautiful performances at a new venue – the Festival and Congress Centre – Varna.

After the extremely successful third edition of the Varna festival Opera in the Open-air Theatre, the performances of Varna Opera Theatre will continue to impress and delight the audience, albeit at another scene. Due to reconstruction and modernization of the main stage of Varna Opera Theatre, the new season will begin with performances, held in Hall 1 of the Festival and Congress Centre Varna.

The Czardas Queen (September 24, 2012)
On September 24th  (7 p.m.) will be set the beginning of the season with the operetta “The Czardas Queen”. The audience will have the great opportunity to hear a brilliant performance of Emmerich Kálmán’s masterpiece.

The Czardas Queen

The Czardas Queen by Emmerich Kálmán. Image courtesy of: Varna Opera Theatre

Under the baton of the operetta master maestro July Damyanov  will perform the soloists of the Varna Opera Theatre:

Vyara Jelyazova (Silva)
Plamen Dolapchiev (Edwin)
Antoaneta Marinova (Cecilia)
Philipa Ruzhenova (Shtasi)
Alexander Mutafchiyski  – the soloist of National Music Theatre “Stefan Makedonski” – Sofia

Find out more about “The Czardas Queen” here

Hello Broadway (September 26, 2012)

Again it’s time for a musical and it seems that Varna music lovers can never get enough from the magnificent performance  “Hello Broadway” – The Music of America. The show will be presented for the third time this year in Varna.

Hello Broadway Varna Opera Theatre

Hello Broadway, starring Olga Mikhailova, Orlin Goranov, Daniela Dimova. Image courtesy of: Varna Opera Theatre

The renowed Bulgarian voices of Orlin Goranov, Daniela Dimova and Olga Mikhailova-Dinova will exhilarate the audience with really popular Broadway musical titles appreciated all over the world.

The magnificent trio will gather September 26, 19.00  at Hall 1 of the FCC and together with the  symphony orchestra, the choir and the ballet of the State Opera Varna, they will enchant every visitor with a beautiful and inspiring show. The program will include works from Lowe, Kelly, Bernstein, Kander, Herman,  Gershwin, Arla etc.

The Merry Widow (September 28, 2012)

On 28 September (7 p.m.) on the stage of FCC the visitors will watch one of the latest premiere shows, the popular operetta “The Merry Widow” by Franz Lehár. The show, part of the initiative Varna – candidate for European Capital of Culture 2019, will be performed for the third time.

Merry Widow Varna Opera Theatre

“The Merry Widow” by Franz Lehár. Image courtesy of: Varna Opera Theatre

The production team includes popular artists from the European music scenes, such as the conductor Erkki Peck (Estonia), the director Mark Krone (Netherlands), set designer Karel Spanhak (Netherlands); costume designer Marrit van der Burg (Netherlands), choreographer Andre de Jong (Netherlands).

conductor of Varna Opera Theatre -  Svetoslav Borisov

On the podium to conduct will step the young conductor of Varna Opera Theatre –  Svetoslav Borisov, who also performs in Austria. In the role of Hanna Glawari (the Merry Widow) the audience will hear the Bulgarian opera star Dobrina Ikonomova who is the soloist of National Music Theatre “Stefan Makedonski”– Sofia.

Text courtesy of: Violetta Toncheva

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