Events in Bulgaria

The idea behind Events in Bulgaria

Welcome to Events in Bulgaria! We do believe that events are the heartbeat of any place and this is why we created a site where we will be doing our best to list interesting events from all over the country and present their stories.

Celebrations, holidays, music performances and many other vibrant happenings are an irreplaceable part of the genuine stay in any country. Because sights, nature and history are as important as what remains in your heart as a memorable shared experience.

Variety is the spice of life they say. This is why when planning a holiday you should definitely add a pinch of events on top, so that your stay turns into a unique vacation.

Find really exciting options for having fun in different Bulgarian cities, with authentic experiences such as festivals, concerts, exhibitions and many other events in Bulgaria, during which you will become part of contemporary Bulgarian cultural life.

Finding events in Bulgaria

You can search this site by the categories in the horizontal menu above or simply use our Events Calendar, to find all the events in Bulgaria that you might be interested in. There you can specify your search by category, city and/or date.

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