Bulgarian Festival of the Plum: Rakia and othe adventures

The Bulgarian festival of the plum has naturally emerged from a 19-year old traditional holiday, called “Plum and plum rakia festival”, held in Oreshak and Troyan. It is accompanied by a rich program of cultural and food and drink events for a total of 9 day in a row.

 Rakia and other adventures in Troyan

There are many festivals of the plum around the globe, however not that many of them offer 9 days of perpetual feast in the heart of a beautiful nature and among a  variety of other local traditional activities. Apart from the healthy and culinary benefits that the plum offers, there’s something more to it, that is to be discovered during the Bulgarian festival of the Plum. And undoubtedly this is the superb and kind of adventurous plum brandy (in Bulgarian brandy is called “rakia”).

Culinary Adventures

A genuine Bulgarian festival with old traditions

In fact, although the first edition of this Bulgarian festival is in 2012, the celebration’s origins date back to 1993. This is the time when the village of Oreshak hosts an event, dedicated to the  plum and plum production within the National Exhibition Of Arts And Crafts.

Bulgarian Festival Of Plum Old Times

From 1997 on the town of Troyan starts a parallel celebration. Thus, in 2012, on the occasion of the 20th edition of the holiday, is organized the Bulgarian festival „Bulgarian Plum Festival”. All guests of this unique event will be offered a really enormous variety of festive activities, such as brandy and marmalade tasting, singing and dancing competitions, paintings and woodcarving, workshops and many other charming events.


The festival takes place for more than a week, from 21 to 29 September, mainly at two major venues: the Museum of Folk Crafts And Applied Arts and the central square of Troyan.

Bulgarian Plum Festival Troyan Venue

Apart from all the entertainment, closely related to the Plum theme, there is also crafts street. This is the place where guests, visitors and event participants can enjoy the works of local masters, and learn how to mold clay.

Clay Workshop


 Program highlights:

  • Art Studio „Festival symbols” – ceramics (everyday)
  • Art Studio „ Festival symbols” – painting and woodcarving
  • Competition for festival’s song performer (September 21)
  • Dancing: Competition for festival’s dance performer (September 21)
  • Plum brandy distilling – demonstration and tasting (September 23, 29)
  • Boiling of plum marmalade – demonstration and tasting (September 23)



If you want to dive in the charm of this Bulgarian festival, plan more that 5 days off in September and devote them to a  trip to Troyan to enjoy some really nice plum days.

Special thanks to the organizers of the festival for the pictures


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