Sofia Science Festival: Curiosity lands in Zaimov Park

If you want to feed your curiosity, Sofia Science Festival will provide you with all you need for that. Organized every year in May, the festival is a place where science meets art and both start having great time together with thousands of visitors from the age of 3 to infinity.

Sofia Science Festival is a joint project of the British Council in Sofia and the forum Democrit, a non-governmental organization, engaged with enhancing public understanding of science. The event was first founded in 2011 and since then has established as a forum where one can hear interesting facts and figures, related to different scientific disciplines. What is more, every visitor is welcome to try out various experiments, attend live demonstrations, lectures and become part of different workshops.

The main venue of this four-day event is Zaimov Park in Sofia, which during the festival turns into a place with several micro venues for different kinds of scientific adventures. There’s not only exhibitions and lectures , but also an  exhiarating array of  hands-on activities open for visitors of all ages. The events are usually divided into the following sections: shows with demonstrations, presentations, workshops, lectures, exhibitions, expeditions.

Sofia Science Festival brings science closer

First of its kind in Bulgaria, the festival aims at showcasing Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Meteorology, Logic, and many other branches of science. Most of the activities challenge you to either rethink the environment around you or, for example, to build something on your own, be it a robot or a small place for molecular cooking.

The science communictors and lecturers, part of Sofia Science Festival,  are established Bulgarian and foreign scientists from various fields. Many of the lectures are held in English (with simultaneous translation to Bulgarian) and this makes them suitable and attractive for English speaking attendees.

Every year, Sofia Science Festival proves to be a great way to spend time for everyone interested in exploring the wonders of the world in a funny, yet perceptive way.

A large number of the activities during the festival are with free admission, and the ones, that are paid, cost BGN 5. Tickets can be purchased from Sofia Theatre. For Sofia Science Festival current dates, please use our Event Finder.

Featured image courtesy: Sofia Science Festival

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